Real Estate Investment Trust in the Philippines

All Real Estate Investment Trusts have made significant strides as an investment option for Filipinos. Due to its growth driven by the recent tax reforms, more REITs are springing up, making it an attractive property investment for middle-income families and OFWs.

Understanding REITs
In an investment perspective, REIT is a public-listed stock corporation which includes malls, offices, hotels, warehouses, and other infrastructures which are income-generating real estate assets to purchase, lease, re-sell and manage. The types of REITs are commercial REITs, retail REITs, industrial REITs, hospitality REITs, and healthcare REITs.
Certainly, investors will benefit and maximize from the government’s ambitious infrastructure development plans in the country. As real estate continues to progress in the country, the need for construction grows.

REITs Global Competitiveness
Through REITs, a Filipino can own and invest in properties without the hassle of managing because a professional management team will handle everything for the investor. A purchase of REIT shares means partial ownership of the property with a team who will do the work. All that is needed is the purchase or sale of REITs shares. REITs are modeled after mutual funds and traded on major stock exchanges.

According to Colliers International, “now is the most opportune time to launch REITs as the Philippine property market has been on an upswing.” The discussion about the value of REITs for investors, both in the local and the international setting will gear it towards economic prosperity and beyond.



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Posted: 04/20


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